Gratitude and the athletic mindset development

Feeling grateful or appreciative of someone or something in your life actually attracts more of the things that you appreciate and value into your life.                                –Christiane Northrup




The Power of Gratitude is an important aspect of attracting everything to you that you desire and deserve in your life. The power of gratitude will moves mountains for you. Whatever it is you want in your life, you must first be grateful for all you have in this very moment.

The most powerful Universal Law is the Law of Attraction. The energy (vibrations) that you resonate and project through your thoughts, feelings, and emotions determines your “vibrational frequency”, which attracts positive and negative to you. Feeling grateful for everything in your life right now, is a very powerful positive frequency. The events, situations, and circumstances that you attract are all by-products of the Law of Attraction, whether you are aware or not.

When you are in a sincere state of gratitude, your energy (vibrational resonance) is one of acceptance and harmony. You propel this energy and as a result project a much higher vibrational frequency which is what attracts to you the events, conditions, and circumstances that you desire. Are you aware of what you are projecting?

Think of yourself as a giant magnet. No matter what you are feeling, whether its love, fear, anger, happiness, anger, joy, gratitude, etc. you are in essence creating a magnetic force that attracts and draws to you events, conditions and circumstances which are in direct connection to what you are feeling. Fear of something creates a magnetic force that attracts more of what you fear. Expressing Gratitude for any situation projects a magnetic force that draws to you more of what you are expressing gratitude for.

Become empowered to express sincere gratitude for whatever is currently happening in your life. You must become aware of this power to receive all this is good and right for you in complete abundance. The Law of Attraction is there (just like the Law of Gravity exists) whether you acknowledge it or not. The fact that YOU have the power to create your life on purpose!

Perception vs. Reality

What you perceive to be true, is true (for you). Your perception of something going wrong is only your perception. It is only wrong thought and wrong perceptions that are responsible for creations that show up in your life in the form of events, conditions and circumstances that you perceive as “going wrong.”

It’s important to recognize and express gratitude for the fact that EVERYTHING in your life is a vision, a creation that YOU formed in your mind that became thoughts first and into beliefs.

Here are 7 Grateful thoughts for you to consider:

1. Breathe and Say thank you! Inhale say, “thank”, and as you exhale say, “you”. Do this when you first wake up in the morning as you get out of bed. Your lungs will thank you too!

2. Be grateful for your food. Stop and really look at your food before you eat it. Take in the smells and think about all the people it took to get that food on your plate.

3. Be grateful for your pets. Look in there eyes as you pet them. Show them you are grateful for their warm nature and guidance they share with you.

4. Be grateful for your family & friends. Be present and tell them how you feel in the moment. Time is precious, we never know when it will be our last time to dance, play, sing, laugh, share a meal.

5. Be grateful you have a home and show some gratitude by keeping it tidy and clean.

6. Bless your body. Take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly, giving thanks for your health and vitality. Thank yourself for taking care of it!

7. Connect with a higher place of gratitude. Take a few minutes each day to reflect on the fact that a power greater than you exists and is working through you.

What are you grateful for?

How can you focus on being more grateful today?

I am thankful for you reading my articles. I am grateful for the ability to convey a message of helping others through educating, enlightening and empowering. If you learned something from this article, pass it on. You’ll be grateful you did!

What are your thoughts? We’d love to hear from you.






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