Pay it Forward

Just Pay

it forward!

Can you imagine if everyone learned this in kindergarten? WOW… what a wonderful place we all would create! Pay it forward is an attitude that quietly yet powerfully speaks three things:

  1. I want to help someone without them asking me.
  2. I don’t want anything in return.
  3. Help others do the same.

Pay it forward is a unique method of changing the world for the better. It’s a way to help someone in any way that you can. It can be big and bold or small and simple. Create a chain of Pay it forwards when you tell the person you helped, to pay the favor forward. This creates an awesome movement of changing goodness with random acts to people you don’t even know.

The most important thing is that your goal is to make the world a better place, just one person at a time. These occur through random acts of kindness or RAOK. I encourage you to perform a RAOK at least one time each day and start the PIF (Pay it forward) movement.

How do you start?

Simply become aware of others around you. Here are some RAOK to help you want to get started in the PIF movement. These are sure to inspire you with goose bumps… a universal energy like the law of attraction that says, “YES, I like this!”

My four grown children were all home visiting this weekend so we decided to go out for brunch.  The centre of attention was my toddler granddaughter.  She had never had pancakes before so we were excited about her trying them. We each took turns digging in and also feeding it to the baby, who loved them.  There was a lovely environment at the table and lots of smiles.  As I was looking around the table, enjoying this wonderful scene, a gentleman at a nearby table caught my eye. Read More

It was 7 in the morning. I was on a train to another city when I struck up a conversation with a young professional sitting next to me. I gathered that he came from a farming family and was now doing exceptionally well in the IT industry. He also revealed that he was stressed and disconnected from his roots. He was kind enough to give me a window seat, help a co-passenger when he dropped his coffee, etc. Just small acts which showed what a good person he was. Read more…

Get inspired by Pay it Forward!

Randy speaks to schools around the country, as well as companies and management teams on RAOK and PIF. Her book, “Your Inner Swing,” shows how self-limiting beliefs can affect performance at work, in sports and even in one’s personal life. For more information, contact

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