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“Nashville is Rising” up to Pay it Forward to flood victims

Pay it Forward is a term that basically means to do for others, unselfishly, expecting nothing in return. And hopefully, who ever receives the “goodness” from others, will someday be able to pay it forward to someone else. And someday they too will do the same, and so on, and so on. It’s a wonderful [...]

Pay it Forward

Just Pay
it forward!
Can you imagine if everyone learned this in kindergarten? WOW… what a wonderful place we all would create! Pay it forward is an attitude that quietly yet powerfully speaks three things:

I want to help someone without them asking me.
I don’t want anything in return.
Help others do [...]

Are you Nascar Ready?

NASCAR PIT CREW APPROACH – Change your work environment attitude!

NASCAR Racing has the largest fan base of any professional sport.
What lesson can we learn from this approach? NASCAR reaches out to its fans, and gives the sports fanatics’ real “skin in the game”. The NASCAR fan can actively experience the race [...]

Free Power Nap

Need a break from your day?
As a Corporate Mind Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist, Randy has created the Ultimate 10 minute Power Nap, completely free! You are just steps away from Feel amazing and get your Skin back in the Game…

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As a Golf Professional for many years at two prestigious country clubs just outside New York City and another in Palm Beach, Florida, I worked with many high rollers of the banking, the insurance and the wall street business world. They all had “skin in the game” on and off the golf course. They not [...]

Get your business off the 1st tee: Hit more greens and sink more putts!

Company A is doing great! They have record-breaking profits this quarter, despite the economic downturn. Their turnover rates are low and employees are motivated to succeed. Company B, on the other hand, is struggling. They have low employee morale, high turnover rates and profits are sagging. What could Company A be doing that Company B [...]

Golf mind power beyond the course

November 2007
The word “mind”, is any thought conscious or subconscious. “Power” means strength or having strength. So Mind Power is having a strong thought. For our purpose in golf (and life for that matter) I am talking about your strong subconscious thoughts.
When most students came to me to take a golf lesson they already had [...]