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Your Inner Swing - 7 lessons in golf & life BOOK

Your Inner Swing

Having spent more than 28 years playing golf, I’ve read a lot of golf books in my time. Most golf mental books only deal with the anxieties and fears that only occur on the golf course, but most of us know that our old crippling baggage we carry from our personal and professional lives follow us to the golf course and affect how we play.

Not many authors exam how our deep rooted thoughts and beliefs that we have developed from growing up, from listening to our parents and families and even from our culture affect our beliefs and actions on the golf course.

Randy Friedman, in her new book, “Your Inner Swing: 7 Lessons in Golf and Life”, finally breaks the mold.  Friedman contends that life and golf are interwoven and that the beliefs we have about ourselves in our daily lives affect how we play golf and vice a versa. The beliefs we have about ourselves while we are playing golf can even affect our daily lives and the quality of our life. How many times have you let a bad round or one bad hole affect your mood for the rest of the day?

Friedman wants us to stop looking at the things that we don’t want or don’t have in our lives  (“I don’t’ want to hit the ball in the water,” “I never hit a good drive on this hole” or “he hits it so much farther than me”) and focus what we want in our lives on and off the golf course. Friedman suggests that beliefs that improve your golf game will also improve your larger life. By changing your thoughts, becoming aware of your surroundings and learning to breath properly, Friedman gives exercises to improve golf games and quality of life regardless of your level of play.

If you have been searching for the mental edge that will help you elevate your game, you need to read “Your Inner Swing”.  Friedman’s book will equip you with simple, yet effective exercises to do on a daily basis to improve your golf game as well as your life.

Reviewed By Golf Fitness Magazine Editor, Karen Palacios-Jansen

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