Your Inner Swing – Mental audio training CD

Your Inner Swing - MPS CDs



Randy’s exclusive Mind Power Stretching techniques are a powerful way to clear out the negative cob webs in your mind. Although we are not born with beliefs, we do “give birth” to them through things we that we hear, visions that we see, and experiences from people in our lives.

These two digitally mastered CD’s total over 120 minutes of professionally recorded and edited sports hypnosis that will stretch your mind for improved golf and beyond.

In the back of the book, the Appendix, you’ll find 7 scripts on what I call, Mind Power Stretching. Each of the 7 seven scripts match up to each of the 7 chapters beginning with Chapter 1 – Beliefs. These are designed to help you remove those negative unwanted beliefs that no longer serve you, on the golf course and off. Since it is much more effective to listen and allow your mind to absorb the ideas into the subconscious, these scripts are now available on double CD.

Randy Friedman, cartoon animation by Anthony Parisi

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