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Learn how to improve your game the moment you improve your thoughts.

It’s true that we always think before we hit the ball. The question is what are your thoughts, your pre-shot routine and your breathing doing to help you or possibly hurt you? Your Inner Swing is going to help you make the changes you need to improve you golf… and beyond.

Golf is life and life is golf, when you are a golfer! Don’t you agree?

Your Inner Swing teaches the golfer how brighten the light bulb from within. In order to play better golf, have better relationships and become  a more grateful person, three things need to happen…

  1. Become Aware of what you want (Keep slicing or start to hit the middle of the fairway?)
  2. Listen to the story you have been telling… (“I just keep slicing the ball! I hate slicing the ball!)”
  3. Realize Beliefs are not permanent; they are only thoughts you keep thinking!

Within the pages of Your Inner Swing are chapters that represent our life story. And that life story can be changed into something magnificent, when you choose to look inside and see your mental golf BAG.

Let Your Inner Swing guide your outer swing.

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Randy Friedman, cartoon animation by Anthony Parisi

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