“War of words with Woods” or just “Oops” for Sergio Garcia at TPC?

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What did Sergio and his Caddy decide?

We love to watch that famous Par 3 at TPC

Why do we love it? For one thing, any golfer would love the opportunity to play such a (typically) simple 132 yard par 3. Simple if you close your eyes! That darn water can play tricks on your head. Yet it is simple as for most decent amateurs, as it’s only an 8 or 9 iron.

The other reason we like watching the Pro’s play this hole is because we like to feel, “we are just like them.” We can relate to their shot either way… If they hit on the middle of the green, we say, “yeh, I can do that.” And if they hit it in the water, we shake our heads and say, “yeh, been there, done that!”

Like most, I was rooting for Sergio to finish strong. It’s always fun to root for the underdog, and sad when he stumbles down the home stretch. Most of us have been there at some point in our lives, on the golf course and off.

When Sergio teed off at 17, the signature hole with the famous island green that we all love to watch, Garcia was even with Woods at 13-under. What created his mental breakdown that landed his first two shots off the tee in the water? After a quadruple-bogey 7 on 17, Garcia would also put his tee shot on 18 into the water as well. You couldn’t help but shake your head while Sergio scratched his. What happened?

The Conversation

We all have two conversations… the one we tell ourselves, and the one we talk about to others. When I work with touring Pro’s, I will usually coach both player and caddy. It’s the only time golf is a team sport. The player and the caddy are constantly evaluating the situation, the hard yardage, the wind, terrain, etc. The conversation must end with a “YES” in the players mind before stepping up to hit the shot. “Maybe” or “I’ll try” just doesn’t cut it on tour. 

I’d love to know what was the conversation between Sergio and his caddy on the 17 tee. Were they uncertain of what club to hit? Did they agree to hit the wedge full or 3/4? Did Sergio decide the shot he was going to hit well before he hit the shot, or did he change his mind last minute and second guess himself. Either way you cut it, it was what we call an “Oops” in Your Inner Swing. Brush yourself Sergio and get back up to bat again!

  • What do you think happened to Sergio?
  • Was it his “war of words with Woods” or just “Oops” for Sergio at TPC? 
  • Will he bounce back?


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