Kevin Na What a great experience working with Randy!

She helped us realize that all the answers lie within your own mind. The mind is the most powerful tool we have, yet not many people realize nor utilize its potential. As a PGA Tour Caddy I have learned how to bring this great tool to life and help my player, (and brother, Kevin Na) “get out of his own way.”

I was amazed to witness that when Kevin used Randy’s mind power techniques, it resulted in such a huge improvement, and so quickly. Randy taught us how to powerfully open up our creative positive thinking side of the mind and how to apply it in competition. Now I can help him stay focused and positive for the entire four rounds. Randy’s techniques will help you to take your career to the next level… It did for us!

Austin Na
Professional PGA Tour Caddy to Kevin Na



rich r“We have had a number of Speakers at “6 Degrees Golf” since it’s inception, but no one ever captivated our audience like Randy, her passion for Golf and People was evident as you heard her speak. Closing the Deal is the most important part of Business and Finishing the Hole is the end result of golf, Randy motivated our Guests to putt out on every hole ( or close the deal ) now whether everyone actually completed the task or not, the Buzz on every Green was about putting out!

The true success of a speaker is the lingering effect of the Content delivered. If you are looking for a speaker who has “High Energy”, Connects with the Audience, is Professional and has a “Passion” for Golf and Business, then Randy is your Girl. It is a Pleasure to have Randy in my Life, I would Recommend bringing her into your Life as well.

Rich Rogers
Building Business Relationships through “6 Degrees Golf”



Janice Moodie “The mind is a strong and powerful tool, keeping it at bay can be my challenge while playing in tournaments.  Randy’s book, Your Inner Swing showed me how to use my internal Garden in my mind to quiet my thoughts when I play. I found going to my calming garden often helps while the pressure is on.”

Janice Moodie
LPGA Tour (Since 1998)





Ted Purdy Randy, Thank you for helping us make the Saturday Series Private Outing for the PGA TOUR and Golf Channel a success. It takes somebody who is very confident of their abilities to work comfortably in the loose structure we prefer at our events. We thought the clinic was very well received, both by the guests and the TOUR professionals. For my part, I know I will be telling people about the things I learned from listening to you and Ted Purdy interact. That was top notch stuff.

We look forward to our work with you in the future.

John Goutell, Chief Operating Officer
Saturday Series Pro-Am a PGA TOUR official event


I worked with Randy for several sessions this summer and I have a seen a noticeable improvement in several aspects of my game. We worked on a wide variety of areas — visualization, routine, attitude, performance under duress, all of which have increased my enjoyment of the game and is resulting in better performance under pressure – especially putting!

Ned Zachar (+2 Hcp)
2007 Club Champion of
Mayacama Club, Santa Rosa, CA
GlenArbor Club, Bedford Hills, NY



“After meeting Randy and discussing what she does I said to myself how nice would it be to go to the golf course without anxiety.  I am a 4 handicap and had chipping problems on the course for at least 2 years. I knew my technique was good and I performed well on the practice area, however, I could not take it to the golf course. I kept reliving those skulls & fat shots embedded in my brain for so long.

After spending a few hours with Randy the results were incredible. I learned there was something going on physically that I was unaware of that led to my negative thoughts and anxiety. The results were immediate and I now approach the day with a totally different attitude able to enjoy myself and have fun with no stress. Isn’t that why we play this crazy game? I would highly recommend Randy for both amateurs and pros alike. You won’t believe the results!”

Robert Lazarus
Ibis Country Club – West Palm, Florida


“On Saturday my golf partner and I took 1st place (third flight) in the Callaway Team Challenge.  We both attended your session and loved it.  The few times my game went awry (lost a golf ball in the middle of the darn fairway on one hole), I closed my eyes for a few moments, went down the 5 spiral steps you suggested, and moved on.  Conditions that day were not ideal, we both were running fevers and coughing up a storm, but we finished 11 under par and that was enough to win!  I truly believe your session helped and I can’t wait to get the Book and CD I ordered. Thanks!”

Dena Lamb
President, Chicago Metro EWGA



terri“After meeting and participating in a clinic with Randy at the 2009 Conference, I invited her to Michigan for a retreat with EWGA Metro Detroit Chapter. The experience was fabulous and I continue to use her book and CD, as well as, her techniques in preparing for golf. This past weekend our scramble team won at Sectionals, and I prepared by listening to Randy’s CD. Her program is priceless.”

Terri Pearce
Board Member of Association and Foundation at EWGA – Executive Women’s Golf Association



I talked with Randy just before going to the Mexican Senior Amateur in Guadalajara.  I told her I was going to try and win the tournament.  Randy told me to not use the word try but to just envision myself holding the trophy.  That’s exactly what I got to do after winning the tournament by 7 shots.  That one thought was the difference!!!!!

Norman Swenson
Quail Ridge – Boynton Beach, FL
2009 Mexican Senior Amateur Champion




“Randy, the seminar was great.  I have had many members tell me how much they enjoyed it.  We will do it again next year! Thanks, Charlie”

Charlie Bowie, Director of Golf
Quail Ridge – Boynton Beach, FL


“Your seminar was most welcomed.  I enjoyed it so much and needed it desperately.  I went to play golf the very next day and shot a 92 which is great for me. For the first time I felt confident and trusted my swing. When the doubt started to come into my mind I cancelled and cleared them and put in positive thoughts. The big key for me was that I was trying too hard and as soon as I played as if I didn’t care and just said, “oops”, I didn’t carry it to the next shot.”

Thank you so much,

Amy Fazio
Old Marsh GC – Palm Beach Gardens, FL


“I enjoyed the seminar and school very much.  After the school on Saturday, I went straight to the Pro shop to arrange for my clubs to be re gripped Sunday morning before I played. Now, I understand the difference!

I now have a pre shot routine that I believe helps me lower stress on the tougher shots and clears my mind and gives me more confidence on all shots. I realized Saturday evening that I’m spilling 10-12 shots around the greens in every round. So, I’ve got work to do! I’m excited about golf every time I tee it up and using PMA and affirmations every time! Thanks for your help!”

Russ Welch
Country Club of the South – Atlanta, GA



“Randy, I just wanted to let you know that we had a lot of positive feedback from your presentation. The group really enjoyed it.  Let’s keep in touch and schedule another for next fall.  Thanks again, Kelli”

Kelli Kostick
LPGA Teaching Professional
Old Marsh GC – Palm Beach Gardens, FL


We really loved your presentation at our country club on golf and hypnosis. Although a bit skeptical at first (not knowing what hypnosis was, until you explained it) we truly thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. You are a dynamic speaker who communicates so that everything makes sense. It was exciting to hear of these new techniques (new for us) and we already starting incorporating them in our lives. I am even sleeping better… thank you! Everyone will benefit from your expertise. We think you are great!!!!!”

Phil and Rosalie Chilow
Eastpointe Country Club
Palm Beach Gardens
, Florida




“Like many others, I was skeptical about hypnotherapy. I refused to believe someone could help me improve my subconscious thoughts. Then I met Randy Friedman. WOW ~ what a gifted woman! Randy guided me to a place where I experienced a total change in my thought patterns and I’ll never be the same! And as a speaker, Randy is the perfect blend of entertainer and mentor. Her knowledge is indisputable, her experience is impressive, and her ability to touch hearts and change lives is absolutely incredible. Randy Friedman is the real deal…a 5 star speaker and a 5 star woman!!”

Dr. Paula Fellingham, Human Relations Expert
CEO, Ignite Your Life Seminar




“Randy, thank you! I found myself using the CD to nap one afternoon and it was magical!!! I used it twice last night. I honestly can’t remember anything after the first few minutes. That really surprises me. I can’t wait for your workshop! Many thanks.”

Patti Porter Struna, President/Owner
Advantage Realty, Inc.




“Since your workshop I am thinking a lot more positively about myself as a golfer. I am enjoying the experience on the golf course and using a more definite pre-shot routine more regularly. Your workshop was the most valuable golf workshop I’ve ever attended. I have told everyone about it. I told them that the workshop addresses the mental aspect of the game, not only it’s importance, but how to go about utilizing it.

I am scoring better since the workshop (8-10 strokes). I am no longer “throwing away” a hole because of one poor execution and is a result of enjoying the day. I am using the CD four to fives nights a week. It is very relaxing. I am grateful that you brought your workshop to Beekman and truly value the knowledge I have gained. Thank you again”

JoAnn Faulds
Beekman Country Club – Hopewell, NY



“Your workshop was great! It has already had a positive impact on my golf as well as a positive impact in other areas of my life. I have been singing the praises of the workshop to my golfing buddies and many of them have noticed an improvement in my game. Thanks and let me know if you have a refresher course later in the season.”

Barbara Mulcahy
Ridgewood CC – Danbury, CT



“Randy, I enjoyed the workshop very much. This past Monday I was part of a foursome with 3 men… I made 3 or 4 key putts on holes that mattered, all with a renewed positive outlook. I also played in the CWGA championships and made the cut in a playoff, winning the first hole against 2 other competitors. Another positive outcome! Attitude is definitely key!


I fell asleep last night to your golf CD, wearing headphones. I shot an 84 at Richter in the “I CAN” benefit tournament. I shot my best round of the year! I am truly optimistic!”

Patti Porter Struna
Ridgewood CC – Danbury, CT



“Your session has helped me be more positive in my daily life. If I feel myself having negative thoughts, unlike the past, I am immediately aware of those negative feelings and try to become positive. It does work! Also, I am much happier on the golf course. It is amazing how much more fun the game is when you are able to relax over the ball. My putting has definitely improved. I will recommend the sessions to my friends. Thank you for keeping in touch.”

Lynda Doyle
Ridgewood CC – Danbury, CT



“When I first met Randy it was easy to tell she had a tremendous desire to succeed. She is one of the most dedicated and hard working people I have ever met. I recommend her to all those wishing to improve mentally and physically. She is a class act.”

JR, Director
Golf American Tour Schools


“I started working with Randy after the perennial club champion told me what a

good teacher she is. Indeed, she is not only a good teacher but an outstanding individual. In fact I have never met any instructor or coach with such an outstanding personality. She has an abundance of positive energy and is always upbeat and reassuring. Her invigorating bounce is absolutely infectious and her perpetual smile creates a terrific ambience.”

Dr. Kenneth Goldman
Stockton Partners Managing Director
Metropolis Country Club – White Plains, NY


“Playing a round of golf is a lot like life. It takes determination, dedication and a willingness to correct one’s mistakes to progress. Being able to evaluate oneself or a business associate in this arena is fast becoming the norm. Corporations are realizing that the value of a round of golf far exceeds the traditional “perk.” Randy has been instrumental in bringing that value to many within the Westchester-based Pepsi-Cola Companies.

Her dynamic style instills confidence from the most novice of players to those with greater experience. Randy’s passion for the game is equaled only to her ability to inspire others. Any corporation with the foresight to utilize her talents will not be disappointed.”

Anne Tuite Manager
Pepsi Bottling Group – Somers, New York



“I listened to your sleep CD last night and loved it!

Looking forward to setting some relaxed time aside to listen to the others.”

Dale Millner
Ritz Carlton Club
Jupiter, Florida



From what we did at the Ritz I have never slept better!

I still wake up in the middle of the night… but I close my eyes and think of your detailed depiction of being on the beach. I don’t seem to get past the “puffy clouds”….can’t wait to hear the actual CD! I agree about inspiring the mind, as you did!!!! Your enthusiasm and positive energy are contagious and wonderful to be around! Can’t wait to work with you again!

Margie Berkman
Ritz Carlton Club
Jupiter, Florida

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