Golf mind power beyond the course

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November 2007

The word “mind”, is any thought conscious or subconscious. “Power” means strength or having strength. So Mind Power is having a strong thought. For our purpose in golf (and life for that matter) I am talking about your strong subconscious thoughts.

When most students came to me to take a golf lesson they already had a preconceived notion of what they wanted to learn. We would spend the first ten minutes (five if I cut them off) of the lesson discussing what they thought I should teach them. I often thought to myself, “Why do they think they need me if they already know all the answers?” Of course in reality they usually weren’t close to knowing what the needed to improve their golf. I guess that’s human nature to want to assist the learning process.

Over-instructed and over-technical!
Taking too many lessons (from different instructors) without practicing, and reading too many golf instruction (swing) articles can make anyone crazy. Then bringing that new knowledge to the course the next day to “try” to implement it may work for a day, but can’t continue unless it is ingrained for 21 days or more.

Most golfers need more mind power programming, and to just get out and play the game!
I gave most of my students lessons on the golf course. Why? Where is the game played… on the range or on the golf course? Of course you need the fundamentals, and some instruction should be on the range and especially short game area, but… get out and play! I heard a Ben Hogan quote years ago that always stuck with me. When he was asked what was his secret to success? His comment was, “You’ve got to dig it out of the ground”. Meaning, get out there and figure it out. I am not saying to spend every waking hour trying to find your game on your own. I believe what Hogan was saying, was what Mind Power really comes down to. Your conscious thoughts MUST quiet down at some point in order to play “in the zone”. Playing in the zone or on automatic pilot is when your subconscious mind takes over and frees you to get out of your own way!

When you believe a thought, it’s yours! You can always change your mind later. When it comes to playing golf, in that moment of impact, you better believe “you can” or you won’t! The moment you change your mind mid swing, you change your actions. The Law of Attraction states, “what you think about, you bring about”. Have you ever hit a 75 yard shot over water that somehow found the water instead of the green? “Now how did that happen?” you said after the fact. What do you think your thought was? If it was anything but “hit the green”, your ball was more likely seeking the water!

The subconscious mind does not judge your thoughts.
Whatever your thought was before you hit the shot you tend to believe. If the last time you missed a two foot putt you told yourself you’re an idiot, the next time you have a two-footer, your subconscious mind will remind you that you’re an idiot… kind of like an obnoxious parrot! “You’re and idiot, you’re an idiot, raahh… you missed this putt last time, you’ll miss it again, raahh!”

Be your own best cheerleader!
What would you tell your buddy if he or she missed a two foot putt? “That’s okay, you put a good roll on it” or “Wow, I thought you had that one!” Guess what? That’s the voice you need to give yourself when you miss a shot. Remember, your subconscious will respond accordingly to what you say and think. “Yeh, I did put a good roll on that”, or “hmmm, that felt like a great putt… oh well”. And next time you have that same putt, you now have a chance to make it! Get, Your Inner Swing to get the scoop on how the mental game should be helping you.

Randy Friedman, cartoon animation by Anthony Parisi Randy

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