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Ted Purdy

Randy, Thank you for helping us make the Saturday Series Private Outing for the PGA TOUR and Golf Channel a success. It takes somebody who is very confident of their abilities to work comfortably in the loose structure we prefer at our events. We thought the clinic was very well received, both by the guests and the TOUR professionals. For my part, I know I will be telling people about the things I learned from listening to you and Ted Purdy interact. That was top notch stuff.

We look forward to our work with you in the future.

John Goutell, Chief Operating Officer
Saturday Series Pro-Am a PGA TOUR official event


As a Golf Professional for many years at high-end country clubs in the suburbs of New York City as well as Palm Beach, Florida, Randy has worked with countless individuals and  companies, large and small, including many fortune 500 banking, insurance and financial corporations. In addition to individual and group lessons, Randy has run corporate events, instructional clinics, and play with the pro during corporate outings. This opportunity is now available to your company.

Looking for your next Corporate or Country Club speaker? It’s not how WELL you play, it’s how WELL you carry yourself, especially under the gun. This is where integrity really comes out and shows its true colors.

Have you ever been on the golf course with a potential client and witnessed any of these?

  • Cheat at their score or mis-mark their ball
  • Throw a club
  • Curse when a shot goes astray

In your mind, the deal is probably done. The way a person carries themself on the golf course is a good indicator of how they are under other pressure situations.

Let us help you look your best!

We provide an environment that says, “It’s okay, the Golf Pro is here to help.” Choose from a number of options at your next corporate golf outing. We are there for you and your customers to provide a day they won’t forget!

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