Randy Friedman has been a professional athlete for over 25 years.

Competing and teaching at the highest level in racquetball, golf and bodybuilding, Randy learned how to mentally breakthrough barriers to achieve her goals at an early age. Later when she became an LPGA teaching professional, teaching her students how to use an athletic mindset to play at a higher level, became her “aha” that opened several new doors. This unique way of connecting with others caught the attention of many successful New York executives, who later hired Randy to bring this technique into their companies.

The athletic mindset concept was born. Randy took her physical talents to paper, publishing her first book Your Inner Swing: 7 Lessons in Golf and Life! Using her extensive knowledge and experience on the mental game of competing and winning, she toured the country as a motivational speaker – from country clubs to corporations, which including many Fortune 500 banking, insurance and financial institutions.

the athletic mindset bookAs President of Golf Mind Power as well as The Athletic Mindset, and co-author with Linda Webb of The Athletic Mindset – Three Tools for Success, Randy now educates and coaches, using a unique “give me the ball” attitude twist on corporate training and coaching. As a professional athlete, trainer and coach, Randy has spent her career helping people discover their inner potential, helping them get out of their own way. Her natural way of sharing powerful messages, like the mental attitude of gratitude, goes way beyond the sports arena and into everyday living.