Your Inner Swing – Mental training package

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Before Golf Mind Power, in which I teach mostly the mental game now, I taught golf at various country clubs in New York and Florida. I had a few training aids that I would use to help my students, and even suggest they own a few of their own to continue the practice. But there wasn’t anything for mental training that I could recommend, until Now. I am so pleased with the feedback I have received from students that have read my book and used the mental training aids that go along with the book.

Now you can get both of these great items together at a big discount. These combined mental game products are the powerful training aids you need to elevate your game to a new level! Buy them together today and SAVE!

Makes a GREAT gift!

Randy Friedman, cartoon animation by Anthony Parisi


Keep Swinging,


p.s. Have you read the book? Let others hear your thoughts below.

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