Tips and Training aids to improve Your INNER golf Swing

Randy Friedman

Don’t you just love when you are offered a free golf tip that you didn’t ask for?! Friends and spouses just want to help…  even if you didn’t ask. There are as many golf tips as there are golfers. Here are three basic Pro tips that everyone can use.


1) Stay Centered

Why? One of the most common problems with amateurs is moving (swaying) off the ball. With all of the other movements of a golf swing, it’s easy to let your head and body move off center. Because the ball doesn’t move until you hit it, the quieter your body stays over the ball the more solid you’ll strike the ball.

  • Keep your eyes fixed on a point on the back of the ball.
  • Keep your knees flexed throughout the swing
    • Straightened knees lead to swaying
    • Staying flexed and athletic allows better centering



2) HOLD Your Grip Don’t CLENCH it

Why? Tension in the hands means tension everywhere else in the body as well as in the swing. Tension in the hands and swing means compromised speed and direction. By holding your grip, you can also attain one of the most important parts of a golf swing, tempo and timing.

  • On a scale of 1-10, a smart grip pressure is 5  (It’s not too tight, not too loose it’s just right)
  • Maintain the same pressure from start to finish
  • Increase your swing speed with the same pressure
  • It is possible to swing fast without swinging hard!

guanto…oops… (Holey gloves are from pressure changes!)



3) Training aids help Practice

Why? If you want to improve, you must practice. Instead of guessing if you’re doing it correctly, let aids help you. Training aids will enhance what you are working on. You will be amazed at how fast a few lessons and some well selected golf aids will improve your game. Just look at the range at any tour event. Many of the Pros are hitting balls with a club on the ground for alignment, the least expensive training aid that you already own!


Before I formed Golf Mind Power, in which I teach mostly the mental game now, I taught golf at various country clubs. I had a few training aids that I would use to help my students, and even suggest they own a few of their own to continue the practice. Here are some of my favorites. Click on the name if you want to purchase it from Golf Around the World. They’ll even give you a 10% discount when you put “Friedman” in at check out. Cool, huh?


SWINGYDE – Boy I wish I thought of this one! An ingenious piece of plastic that clamps on to the golf club and lets the student FEEL the proper wrist hinge on the back swing and forward swing! It still is one of my favorite devices!


HEAVY HITTER DRIVER – One of my first teachers gave me this to get my tempo. You can’t help but swing smoothly with it. I love this more than the other heavy clubs because you can actually hit balls with it.


TARGALINE PUTTING SYSTEM – A great training aid for indoors and out on the green. I like that you can see your eyes are over the ball (which you can easily see over the string). This is an all around great product for improving your putting. And the hole is smaller which is great for focused attention on a small target.


YOUR INNER SWING – BOOK & MENTAL TRAINING AID (DOUBLE CD) PACKAGE Learn how to improve your game the moment you improve your thoughts. It’s true that we always think before we hit the ball. The question is what are your thoughts, your pre-shot routine and your breathing doing to help you or possibly hurt you? Your Inner Swing is going to help you make the changes you need to improve you golf… and beyond. Let Your Inner Swing guide your outer swing to better golf.


Hope you enjoyed these tips and training aid suggestions! Feel free to leave your comments and questions below.

Randy Friedman, cartoon animation by Anthony Parisi

Keep Swinging!

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