Mental game confidence – That’s what’s in the BAG!

What’s really in the BAG?

gratitude golf tee

Question: How did D.A. Points, win the 2013 Shell Houston Open? Answer: One shot at a time, sinking putts with his 30 year old Ping “Anser” putter!

Typically when asked “What’s in the Bag?” we see this: Points’ bag:

  • TaylorMade R11S driver
  • TaylorMade Burner 3-wood
  • TaylorMade R11 Rescue
  • Ping G10 hybrid
  • Ping i5 irons
  • Ping Tour wedges with Gorge Grooves
  • Ping Anser putter
  • Titleist Pro V1x ball

Here’s the reason D.A. won last week; he was mentally committed to everything in his BAG physically and especially mentally! His inner swing was saying all the right things that kept him focused on the end result… “get the ball in hole in the least amount of strokes.” You could say, what was in his BAG, was definitely helping him along the way.

What’s in the mental BAG?

  • His Beliefs inspired him… “I know the tools I’m playing with this week, will work for me!”

Does it really matter what clubs you are playing with? Yes, it really does matter that what ever is in your hand, old or new, two things are happening. 1) These clubs are fit for you, your body type, strength, etc. and 2) You’ve got to Believe what is in your hand is going to work. Working with many Tour Pro’s on their mental game, the first thing we do is check out their equipment. It’s important they know every wood, iron, hybrid and putter is specked out for them. Trackman is one of the best ways to check your tools.

  • His Awareness helped him… “I belong out here and I am playing great!”

Some believe, “When it’s my time to win, I will.” Others say, “Be like Hogan, dig it out of the ground.” Both thoughts are correct. To do anything really well, you’ve got to put your work in. Whether it’s golf, climbing the corporate ladder, or being the best Mom. But that “lightbulb” has to shine brightly that tells you to keep working at it, your belong here.

  • His Gratitude empowered him… “I love these woods, I love these irons, I love this putter!”

Ah, the almighty Gratitude! Those words are so empowering. Think about the words, Love, Gratitude and Joy. Imagine playing an entire round of golf thinking those words before, during and after each shot. Now imagine your best round ever because that’s just what you may get when you stay at the top of your ladder! I would imagine that’s kind of how D.A. won in Houston.

What’s in your mental golf bag and how have you improved it?


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