Motivation for Employees, Athletes and Students

Increase motivation athletic mindsetIs there one perfect motivation that could motivate a multiplicity of people? Could this motivate employees to love their job more, athletes to believe in themselves more, and students to become more aware of others? The answer is Yes!

Have you ever heard of RAOK or random acts of kindness? It states just what it is… a random action that is performed as an act of kindness to someone else. It could be as simple as holding the door open for a someone behind you, helping someone load their packages into their car, or even giving someone that needed one dollar.

Keeping the RAOK in mind, let’s take it one step further. What if we were to make it a conscious act rather than a random act out of the blue? Here lies the “perfect motivation” for that multiplicity of people.

Employers love motivated employees

Now is the time for employers to show they care about their employees. A simple way for employees to look forward to getting up in the morning and even get to work early, is give them a reason beyond their day to day work to be motivated. Give them a way to help others. Like Cuba Gooding says in the movie Jerry McGuire, “Help me, help you!” Give employees a way to help others through mentoring programs inside and outside the company. When employees feel good about “giving” they’ll want to give even more to their job. Giving back is powerful motivation of Gratitude!


Athletes motivated from the heart

How often do we hear of an athlete that just played their sport at the highest level because they were “in the zone”? A great way to get in the zone is by training hard, physically and mentally, so during competition the thought of “doing” becomes subconscious. Part of getting into the zone is teaching others how you do what you do. When you give back helping others get the athletic mindset you learned from a mentor, it comes back to you. Mentorship motivates athletes as what you pass on from the heart (gratitude), comes back to the heart. Giving back is a powerful motivator filled with Love!


Students aware of others

“I wish my child thought more of others, and not only about themselves!” A parent’s greatest wish is for their child to succeed while at the same time being kind to others. When a child becomes aware of others and lends a hand when not even being asked to, they become internally motivated. Since “thank you” generally follows the helping of others, the student is motivated to do more and will look for Opportunities to help others. The awareness and positive energy of helping others becomes a great motivator for their own success, and can carry throughout their lives, as students and as adults. Giving back is the perfect motivation!


emotional awareness ladder

Lesson to be learned

Whether you’re at a fortune 500 or a start-up company, an amateur of professional athlete, a teen or college student, everyone can benefit from the motivation born out of giving back. As taught in the Your Inner Swing and The Athletic Mindsetfind your GLO every morning to start your best day.

Every morning before your feet hit the floor say, “What a glorious day to feel Gratitude, Love and Opportunity!” This will help start your day feeling great and looking for good things to happen, as well as people to help.




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